Low-frequency magnetic therapy is already well established treatment of the vast range of diseases. The impact of low frequency magnetic field on human's and animals' bodies is the subject to research in many universities and medical centers. A portable microprocessor device "KTM" used in Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy has been developed at the Department of Measurement and Diagnostic Systems at the Electrotechnical Institute. Due to the device potential to use it for home therapy treatment there are new capabilities brought out e.g., increased accessibility, prolonged sessions, limited therapy costs, remote patient-doctor communication system. Magnetotherapy treatment can be an online monitored and controlled process. The device can be specified by low manufacturing and exploitation costs. Along with the "KTM" the specialized software for controlling several KTM devices from doctor's office has been created.


portable magnetotherapy device; low-frequency magnetic field

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Published : 2013-05-16

Biernat, K., Idziaszek-Gonzalez, A., Nita, K., & Wójtowicz, S. (2013). MAGNETIC THERAPY: REMOTE CONTROLLING MICROPROCESSOR SYSTEM FOR MAGNETOTHERAPY. Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary W Gospodarce I Ochronie Środowiska, 3(2), 13-17.

Katarzyna Biernat
Electrotechnical Institute  Poland
Alicja Idziaszek-Gonzalez 
Electrotechnical Institute  Poland
Konrad Nita 
Electrotechnical Institute  Poland
Stefan Wójtowicz 
Electrotechnical Institute  Poland