Based on the consideration of physical processes in a tunnel-resonant diode under the action of a magnetic field, the construction of an autogenerating magnetic field sensor with a frequency output signal is proposed. The use of devices with negative differential resistance makes it possible to significantly simplify the design of magnetic field sensors in the entire RF frequency range. Depending on the operating modes of the sensor, an output signal can be obtained in the form of harmonic oscillations, as well as in the form of pulse oscillations of a special form.

The study of the characteristics of the magnetic field sensor is based on the complete equivalent circuit of the tunnel-resonant diode. The equivalent circuit takes into account both the capacitive and inductive properties of the tunneling resonant diode. The inductive component exists under any operating conditions, as a result of the fact that the current flowing through the device is always lagging behind the voltage that caused it, which corresponds to the inductive response of a tunnel-resonant diode.


self-oscillator; tunneling resonant diode; negative differential resistance; frequency; quantum heterostructure

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Published : 2020-12-20

Osadchuk, A., Osadchuk, V., & Osadchuk, I. (2020). RESEARCH ON A MAGNETIC FIELD SENSOR WITH A FREQUENCY OUTPUT SIGNAL BASED ON A TUNNEL-RESONANCE DIODE . Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary W Gospodarce I Ochronie Środowiska, 10(4), 51-56.

Alexander Osadchuk
Vinnytsia National Technical University  Ukraine
Vladimir Osadchuk 
Vinnytsia National Technical University  Ukraine
Iaroslav Osadchuk 
Vinnytsia National Technical University  Ukraine