Methods for synthesis a structural diagram of the processes for detecting and locating technical information leakage channels are analysed. Software for defining a controlled room zone was also presented. A proprietary approach to search the electromagnetic environment under radio interference has been developed to detect devices for unauthorized control of acoustic information using microphones and transmission of this information using a radio channel.


side electromagnetic radiation; controlled zone; radio wave propagation; electromagnetic environment monitoring

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Published : 2021-03-31

Bakhtiiarov, D., Lavrynenko, O., Lishchynovska, N., Basiuk, I., & Prykhodko, T. (2021). METHODS FOR ASSESSMENT AND FORECASTING OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION LEVELS IN URBAN ENVIRONMENTS. Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary W Gospodarce I Ochronie Środowiska, 11(1), 24-27.

Denys Bakhtiiarov
National Aviation University  Ukraine
Oleksandr Lavrynenko 
National Aviation University  Ukraine
Nataliia Lishchynovska 
National Aviation University  Ukraine
Ivan Basiuk 
National Aviation University  Ukraine
Tetiana Prykhodko 
National Aviation University  Ukraine