Signal frequency is one of the most popular information carriers in measurement technology. A circuit called a frequency-to-code converter  is used to convert frequency into numerical values. Frequency-to-code converters usually operate in the mode of a recorder of a certain number of periods of the signal under test. Often it is a microcontroller-based circuit that uses built-in memory to collect measurement data. The size of the memory limits the measurement capabilities of the transmitter. The paper presents the development of a frequency-to-code converter that sends measurement data directly to the host computer without collecting the results in the RAM of the converter. The working algorithm of the transmitter is presented. The results  of measurement experiments carried out for sample signals of constant and variable frequency are presented.. The metrological analysis of the results is presented.


frequency; digital period measurement; frequency-to-code converter; microcontroller

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Published : 2022-12-30

Warda, P. (2022). FREQUENCY-TO-CODE CONVERTER WITH DIRECT DATA TRANSMISSION. Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary W Gospodarce I Ochronie Środowiska, 12(4), 74-77.

Piotr Warda
Lublin University of Technology  Poland