Lublin University of Technology Publishing House


Publishing and Digital Library Department was founded in 2010 and renamed on Lublin University of Technology Publishing House in 2018. It is supported by Lublin University of Technology Publishing Board, fulfills Board’s resolutions and applies for resuming circulation of the handbooks. Every year the Publishing House publishes about 100 titles of books concerning problems of science and technology.

There are the main tasks of the Publishing House:

  • organisation and coordination of print of the publications of Lublin University of Technology;
  • gaining additional funds for publications;
  • analyses of the editorial and printing costs, formulating offers for particular publications;
  • preparing the publishing agreements;
  • approving the layout of the cover, title and editorial page;
  • giving and recording of the ISBN number;
  • marketing activities for expanding and selling publications of the Lublin University of Technology;
  • editing, selecting and gaining the documents to the Lublin University of Technology Digital Library;
  • substantive supervision over digitization of the collection;
  • teaching and training in terms of preparation and editing of scientific work.

The changes occurring in the world of science and electronic publishing becoming more and more common encouraged the Publishing House to receive the publishing dualism. Thanks to this model the publications are shared in print and electronic version – in the Lublin University of Technology Digital Library in open access model, on Creative Commons licence: CC BY-SA.

In the register of the publishers releasing reviewed scientific monographs drawn by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education the Lublin University of Technology Publishing House received 80 points.


Since 2019 the editorial process of six journals belonging to Lublin University of Technology has been taking place on the Internet platform named Lublin University of Technology Publishing House (Open Journal Systems), where following titles were placed: ‘Budownictwo i Architektura’ (‘Civil Engineering and Architecture’), ‘Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary w Gospodarce i Ochronie Środowiska’ – IAPGOŚ (‘Informatics, Control, Measurement in Economy and Environmental Protection’), ‘Journal of Technology and Exploitation in Mechanical Engineering’ (JTEME), ‘Teka Komisji Architektury, Urbanistyki i Studiów Krajobrazowych’ (‘Commission of Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Studies’) and ‘Ochrona Dziedzictwa Kulturowego’ – ODK (‘Protection of Cultural Heritage’).

Thanks to this undertaking a uniform workspace for the journals has been created, a common publishing policy has been built on open access model and the publishing ethics has been based on the guidelines by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Since the moment the Publishing House platform started off, its journals have been sharing their articles on Creative Commons license – CC BY-SA. A fully open journal publishing on CC BY licence is the JTEME.

We invite you to see the offer of the Lublin University of Technology Publishing House and our journals.