Publishing policy

Lublin University of Technology Publishing House

1. The supervision over the publishing activity of the Lublin University of Technology (LUT) is held by the Deputy Rector of the Scientific Affairs and the Editorial Board is the referee authority.

2. The coordination of the publishing activity on LUT is held by LUT Publishing House.

3. The subject of publishing performed by the LUT Publishing House is as follows: monographs, handbooks and proceedings (they possess the ISBN number belonging to LUT and the graphic design obligatory for the LUT).

4. The LUT Publishing House is the publisher and co-publisher of the LUT journals included in the electronic publishing platform called ‘Lublin University of Technology Publishing House’ (LUT PH).

5. The funds for publications are constituted by: university’s budget, faculties’ budgets, research grants, EU funds, funds inflows from the conferences organisers and authors’ own funds.

6. The costs of preparing the material for printing are incurred by the funds’ disposer.

7. The author of the book should deliver: the request for printing with the confirmation of the funds, reviews and the address data (his and the reviewers) necessary for signing the publishing agreement.

8. The author submits the scientific article to the journal via the LUT PH e-platform, taking into account the procedures and guidelines that are obligatory in that journal.

9. Submission of the book publication takes place via publishing application available on the LUT Publishing House website. Publication positions should be approved by the Deputy Rector of the Scientific Affairs, they should possess the funds and fulfil all the requirements in accordance with publishing policy of the LUT Publishing House and the guidelines for the authors.

10. The layout and appearance of the text material prepared to the printing, the cover pattern, title and editorial office pages are regulated by The Guidelines for the Authors of the Publications of the Publishing House.

11. The author of the publication is responsible for the whole preparation of the text material for printing. The text is the effect of the author’s work and does not infringe the copyright of any third parties.

12. The author delivers the final and ready to print electronic version of the publication (file must be saved in the pdf format).

13. The author receives the test print of the publication to make an insight into it and approves it in case of no comments.

14. The time of printing the publication is up to 20 working days and is counted since the moment of approving the test print (in case of large amount of print tests this time is counted since the approval of the final print test).

15. The LUT Publishing House conducts the publishing and auction procedures, also draws the publishing and licence agreements.

16. The division of the circulation of the publication funded by the university unit depends on its number and is established individually for each title, dividing copies for: the organization unit of the author, the author, the libraries (obligatory), for the LUT Library, intended for distribution.

17. Free distribution of the publications is based on the obligatory copies for libraries.

18. The organization unit is obliged to collect a part of the circulation of the book from the LUT Publishing House.

19. The electronic version of the publication is placed in the LUT Digital Library on the principles in accordance with the licence agreement.

20. All the publications (the articles in the journals placed on the LUT PH platform included) are shared on the Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike licence (CC BY-SA 4.0). The exceptions are the articles published in the “Journal of Technology and Exploitation in Mechanical Engineering” (JTEME), which are shared on Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC BY).

21. The LUT Publishing House and the journals mentioned below have chosen the self-archiving policy, described by the SHERPA/RoMEO database as the blue colour. It means that the editorial teams allow the authors to self-archive the postprints and the publisher's versions of the texts of the monographs or articles (according to the valid CC BY-SA or CC BY licence). The journals declaring such policy of self-archiving are: "Budownictwo i Architektura" ("Civil Engineering and Architecture"), "Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary w Gospodarce i Ochronie Środowiska" (IAPGOŚ),  "Protection of Cultural Heritage" ("Ochrona Dziedzictwa Kulturowego"), "Journal of Technology and Exploitation in Mechanical Engineering" (JTEME) and "Journal of Computer Sciences Institute" (JCSI).

22. In case of suspicion of the infringement of the principles of publication ethics and scientific reliability by the author, reviewer or editor, the procedures drawn by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) included in the COPE flowcharts will be implemented (read more in: Ethics COPE).

23. In case of the copyright infringement and the malpractices mentioned before, the Publishing House reserves the right to withhold the publishing process on its every stage and withdraw the publication from the trade cycle.

24. In case of third parties claiming infringement of their copyright of their publication, the author is obliged to join the dispute replacing the LUT PH, regardless of the stage of procedure and release the LUT Publishing House from any responsibility for this claim, and also bear all the costs born by the LUT Publishing House, connected with fulfilling or rejecting the claims of the third parties.

25. The author is obliged to give an immediate notification to the LUT Publishing House about any claims caused by the infringement of the author’s property rights to the publication, directed against the author.

26. The rules of use of the LUT PH e-platform were described in detail in the Regulations of the LUT PH e-platform.