Applications supporting utilization of agile methods in software development process


The article presents a comparison in terms of hardware requirements of applications that supports the agile software development processes. For research purposes, popular mobile and internet applications supporting agile software development were chosen. In order to determine the significance of individual technical requirements for end-users, a series of research experiments, based on scenarios of typical and boundary use was conducted. In addition to research, the application supporting agile software development process was implemented. The results of research were recorded by specialized monitoring and profiling tools. The results of performed work are presented in tabular form.


agile; mobile applications; web applications; hardware requirements

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Published : 2020-03-30

Bławucki, T., Ramanovich, S., & Skublewska-Paszkowska, M. (2020). Applications supporting utilization of agile methods in software development process. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 14, 8-13.

Tomasz Bławucki
Lublin University of Technology  Poland
Siarhei Ramanovich 
Lublin University of Technology  Ukraine
Maria Skublewska-Paszkowska 
Lublin University of Technology  Poland