Perfomance analysis of frameworks Angular and Vue.js


The aim of the paper is to compare the performance of popular JavaScript frameworks Angular and Vue.js in the context of game development. The comparative criteria are as follows: time of data exchanging with server and rendering of various application components, memory consumption during refreshing the current game information and restoring the user to the current game, browser load level and size of the final application files. The test results show that the Vue.js framework is more efficient.


Angular; Vue; performance analysis; browser game

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Published : 2020-03-30

Baida, R., Andriienko, M., & Plechawska-Wójcik, M. (2020). Perfomance analysis of frameworks Angular and Vue.js. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 14, 59-64.

Roman Baida
Lublin University of Technology  Ukraine
Maksym Andriienko 
Lublin University of Technology  Ukraine
Małgorzata Plechawska-Wójcik 
Lublin University of Technology  Poland