Comparative analysis of view technologies for the Spring application


The goal of the article is to choose the most efficient user interface creation tools possible for Spring. The study compares 4 selected view technologies: JSP,  Thymeleaf, Wicket and Angular. Time and memory performance tests were carried out using Rest API in Spring. Test results allowed to identify the best solutions.


performance; Spring; Angular; JSP; Thymeleaf; Wicket

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Published : 2020-03-30

Borys, V., Slezenko, R., & Pańczyk, B. (2020). Comparative analysis of view technologies for the Spring application. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 14, 78-81.

Vadym Borys
Lublin University of Technology  Ukraine
Roman Slezenko 
Lublin University of Technology  Ukraine
Beata Pańczyk 
Lublin University of Technology  Poland