Comparative analysis of database systems dedicated for Android


The article presents a comparative analysis of mobile databases dedicated for Android. The comparative analysis was carried out on the example of a relational SQLite database with selected nonrelational databases: Realm, ObjectBox and SnappyDB. Theoretical issues were discussed, such as stored data types. Research was carried out to check the performance of mobile databases in terms of: saving, editing, deleting, searching and sorting data. CPU and RAM usage were examined during saving data. The research also included a comparison the size of the database files on the internal disk.


ObjectBox; Realm; SQLite; SnappyDB

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Published : 2020-06-30

Wałachowski, K., & Kozieł, G. (2020). Comparative analysis of database systems dedicated for Android. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 15, 126-132.

Kamil Wałachowski
Lublin University of Technology  Poland
Grzegorz Kozieł 
Lublin University of Technology  Poland