Comparison of Objective-C and Swift on the example of a mobile game


Mobile applications for the iOS platform can be developped using the Swift and Objective-C languages. The article presents a comparison between these languages based on a created mobile game. The structure and performance of these technologies were examined. Based on three devices, languages have been tested. Aspects such as RAM load, time between views, time to save data to the database and time to save data to file were tested as a part of the analysis. Two research hypotheses have been put forward: "Swift has a better performance than Objective-C" and "Swift has a simpler structure than Objective-C". The results obtained confirm that Swift is more efficient than Objective-C. Research into the structure of codes has proven that the newer language has a simpler structure than its predecessor.


Swift; Objective-C; performance; structure

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Published : 2020-09-30

Banach, K., & Skublewska-Paszkowska, M. (2020). Comparison of Objective-C and Swift on the example of a mobile game. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 16, 305-308.

Karolina Banach
Maria Skublewska-Paszkowska