Analysis of the quality of web application interface using eye-tracking – a case study


The article presents an example of the use of eye-tracking technology in examining the quality of the web application interface. The subject of the research was the web part of the FastCat system, supporting the service of urban cycling races. The research methodology based on the implementation of an active experiment with users, using typical scenarios of system developed. User activities were recorded using eyetracking technology and were subjected to detailed analysis. The six-person research group had a profile analogous to potential users of the application. The final part of the article presents the results of quantitative research, a list of detected errors in the interface, as well as
conclusions aimed at improving its quality.


ye-tracking; application; interface quality; eye-tracking; application; interface quality

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Published : 2019-03-30

Jusiak, M., & Miłosz, M. (2019). Analysis of the quality of web application interface using eye-tracking – a case study . Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 10, 62-66.

Marcin Jusiak
Lublin University of Technology  Poland
Marek Miłosz 
Lublin University of Technology  Poland