Oracle 19c, SQL Server 2019, Postgresql 12 and MySQL 8 database systems comparison


This article presents a comparative analysis of four popular database technologies. Commercial Oracle Database and SQL Server systems are compared with open source database management systems: PostgreSQL and MySQL. These systems have been available on the market for over a dozen years. Versions released in 2019 were selected for testing and comparasion. For the purposes of the comparative analysis, a database schema was developed and instantiated. Then, test scenarios were developed. They were prepared on the basis of the most popular operations performed with the use of database systems.


relational database; performance; SQL

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Published : 2020-12-30

Solarz, A., & Szymczyk, T. (2020). Oracle 19c, SQL Server 2019, Postgresql 12 and MySQL 8 database systems comparison. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 17, 373-378.

Arkadiusz Solarz
Tomasz Szymczyk