Faster R-CNN model learning on synthetic images


Machine learning requires a human description of the data. The manual dataset description is very time consuming. In this article was examined how the model learns from artificially created images, with the least human participation in describing the data. It was checked how the model learned on artificially produced images with augmentations and progressive image size. The model has achieve up to 3.35 higher mean average precision on syntetic dataset in the training with increasing images resolution. Augmentations improved the quality of detection on real photos. The production of artificially generated training data has a great impact on the acceleration of prepare training, because it does not require as much human resources as normal learning process.


computer vision; synthetic images; Faster R-CNN; deep learning

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Published : 2020-12-30

Łach, B., & Łukasik, E. (2020). Faster R-CNN model learning on synthetic images. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 17, 401-404.

Błażej Łach
Edyta Łukasik 
Lublin University of Technology  Poland