Compilation of iOS frameworks from Linux operating system using open- source tools


This paper analyzes possibility of using open-source tools to compile iOS frameworks in Linux operating system. The purpose of this analysis was to determine how compilation in Linux could be performed and identify possible limita- tions when using LLVM compiler. The analysis has been performed on own frameworks written using Objective-C and Swift languages containing graphic and text files in different formats and sizes. Results of the analysis show that compi- lation of iOS frameworks under Linux operating system is possible unless the compiler frameworks use interface com- ponents written in xib format for which there are no compilation tools available on Linux operating system.


iOS frameworks; LLVM compiler; cross-compilation; open-source tools

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Published : 2021-06-30

Rutkowski, Łukasz, & Kopniak, P. (2021). Compilation of iOS frameworks from Linux operating system using open- source tools. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 19, 132-138.

Łukasz Rutkowski
Piotr Kopniak