Analysis of the possibilities of optimizing SQL queries


Most of today's web applications run on relational database systems. Communication with them is possible through statements written in Structured Query Language (SQL). This paper presents the most popular relational database management systems and describes common ways to optimize SQL queries. Using the research environment based on fragment of the database, implementing OracleDb, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL engines, a number of test scenarios were performed. The aim was to check the performance changes of SQL queries resulting from syntax modication while maintaining the result, the impact of database organization, indexing and advanced mechanisms aimed at increasing the eciency of operations performed, delivered in the systems used. The tests were carried out using a proprietary application written in Java using the Hibernate framework.


query;; optimization;; analysis

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Published : 2021-06-30

Rymarski, P., & Kozieł, G. (2021). Analysis of the possibilities of optimizing SQL queries. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 19, 151-158.

Piotr Rymarski
Grzegorz Kozieł 
Lublin University of Technology  Poland