Immersion analysis during gameplay in VR and on a PC


This article concerns the study of immersion and human behavior while in a virtual reality (VR) world. It was compared with the behavior of participants during the traditional process of watching the image displayed on a LCD monitor. The study was conducted on the original test stand and the following vital signs were measured: pulse rate and stress. Additional data about the participants were collected by conducting a questionnaire concerning, among others, feelings and well-being during the game. The obtained results clearly show that VR gameplay provides much more emotions to the participants. It also makes them able to forget that they are in a virtual world regardless of whether they have used a VR generating device before or not. These results will determine the impact of immersion on gameplay appeal and player engagement.


virtual reality, immersion, VR games, pulse monitoring

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Published : 2021-09-30

Moniuszko, K., & Szymczyk, T. (2021). Immersion analysis during gameplay in VR and on a PC. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 20, 210-216.

Karol Moniuszko
Tomasz Szymczyk 
Lublin University of Technology  Poland