Digital entertainment in the face of COVID-19


The work analyzed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on digital entertainment. The focus is on three types of digital entertainment: computer games, virtual reality and streaming, respectively. The first two types of entertainment were analyzed based on data from the Steam platform, while streaming was analyzed based on Twitch. Data were collected from 2019, i.e. the period before the pandemic, and 2020, i.e. the time of the pandemic. Then the data from both of these years were compiled for analysis. The study particularly focused on events related to the pandemic, such as the March declaration of the Covid-19 virus as a pandemic by the WHO or the holiday period in which the restrictions were reduced.


digital entertainment; covid-19

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Published : 2021-12-30

Jarszak, A. (2021). Digital entertainment in the face of COVID-19. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 21, 362-366.

Adam Jarszak