Performance analysis of user interface implementation methods in mobile applications


The purpose of this article is to analyze the impact of Jetpack Compose on user interface performance in mobile applications. A relatively new technology, Jetpack Compose, has not seen much research on its performance. The study used applications written in Kotlin, using the Jetpack Compose toolkit and views. The applications were tested with performance tests, using the Macrobenchmark tool, UI Automator 2 and JUnit 5. A literature review examining the impact of many factors on UI and Android performance was performed. In the end, upon completion of the testing, it was concluded that Jetpack Compose is slightly inferior in performance compared to interfaces built with views, in return it offers faster and easier code development.


testing; user interface; jetpack compose; performance

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Published : 2023-03-30

Szczukin, J. (2023). Performance analysis of user interface implementation methods in mobile applications. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 26, 13-17.

Jakub Szczukin