Integration of Big Data and Business Intelligence as innovative solution supporting the functioning of modern organizations


The purpose of this article is to present the possibilities of integration of Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data (BD). Based on literature studies identified the potential benefits and drawbacks coming from this solution. In addition the benefits of this solution were listed, based on case studies. The article also includes a proprietary system design that integrates BI and BD in the organization of the medical sector.


Big Data; Business Intelligence; Big Data Analytics

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Published : 2016-11-14

Bielak, Łukasz, & Muryjas, P. (2016). Integration of Big Data and Business Intelligence as innovative solution supporting the functioning of modern organizations. Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, 1(1), 6-13.

Łukasz Bielak 
Politechnika Lubelska  Poland
Piotr Muryjas
Lublin University of Technology  Poland