The paper presents numerical analysis of charge exchange in an opposed-piston two-stroke engine. The research engine is a newly designed internal diesel engine. This unit is composed of three cylinders in which operate three pairs of opposed-pistons. The numerical investigations were carried out using ANSYS FLUENT solver. The geometrical model includes an intake manifold, a cylinder and an outlet manifold. The calculations specified a swirl coefficient obtained under steady conditions for fully open intake and exhaust ports as well as the CA value of 280° for all cylinders. In addition, mass flow rates were identified separately in all of the intake and exhaust ports to achieve the best possible uniformity of flow in particular cylinders.


charge exchange; opposed-piston engine; CFD analysis; ANSYS fluent

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Published : 2019-12-27

Czyż, Z. (2019). ANALYSIS OF AIR FLOW THROUGH THE ENGINE INTAKE AND EXHAUST DUCTS. Journal of Technology and Exploitation in Mechanical Engineering, 5(1).

Zbigniew Czyż
Polish Air Force University, Faculty of Aviation, 35 Dywizjonu 303 Str., 08-521 Dęblin;  Poland

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