The paper is concerned with the task of reconstructing missing pixels in images perturbed with impulse noise in a transmission channel. Such a task can be formulated in the context of image interpolation on an irregular grid or by approximating an incomplete image by low-rank factor decomposition models. We compared four algorithms that are based on the low-rank decomposition model: SVT, SmNMF-MC , FCSA-TC and SPC-QV. The numerical experiments are carried out for various cases of incomplete images, obtained by removing random pixels or regular grid lines from test images. The best performance is obtained if nonnegativity and smoothing constraints are imposed onto the estimated low-rank factors.


image completion; low-rank approximation; nonnegative matrix factorization; tensor decomposition; matrix completion

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Published : 2017-12-21

Sadowski, T., & Zdunek, R. (2017). IMAGE COMPLETION WITH LOW-RANK MODEL APPROXIMATION METHODS. Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary W Gospodarce I Ochronie Środowiska, 7(4), 44-48.

Tomasz Sadowski
Politechnika Wrocławska, Wydział Elektroniki  Poland
Rafał Zdunek 
Politechnika Wrocławska, Wydział Elektroniki  Poland