The article discusses methods and algorithms for digital processing and filtering when carrying out nano-measurements using a scanning probe microscope. The paper discusses frequency methods for improving images, in particular, the use of the Fourier transforms with various filtering methods to improve the quality of the resulting image. Stable computational algorithms have been developed for transforming discrete signals based on the Fourier transform. Methods for the interpretation of the numerical results of the discrete Fourier transform in such packages as Matlab, MathCad, Matematica are presented. It is proposed to use a window transform, developed based on the Fourier transform, which makes it possible to single out the informative features of the signal and to reduce the influence of the destabilizing factors that arise when processing signals from a scanning gold microscope in real conditions.


nano-measurement; digital signal processing; scanning probe microscope; Fourier transform

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Published : 2021-06-30

Kataieva, M., & Kvasnikov, V. (2021). METHOD OF OBTAINING THE SPECTRAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPE. Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary W Gospodarce I Ochronie Środowiska, 11(2), 52-55.

Mariia Kataieva
National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine  Ukraine
Vladimir Kvasnikov 
National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine  Ukraine