Painting in the exhibition space, interactions


The article is based on the author's search for the relationship between painting and architecture and experiencing the space in the context of using its potential for painting exhibition. This is a summary of research carried out in 2017- 2019 at the Faculty of Architecture of Poznań University of Technology, entitled "Artwork in architecture".

This project aimed to explore the relationship between art and architectural space. Participation in the collective exhibitions, as a part of the first research stage, and the implementation of individual exhibitions in the second stage of the project, have become the basis for author's decisions in this field. The research findings were included in two monographs by a two-person research team, made up of prof. dr hab. Andrzej Maciej Łubowski and dr hab. Joanna Stefańska, titled "SPACES, artwork in architecture" and "RELATIONS, artwork in architecture", PUT Publishing House 2019, 2020. Searching for the best means of recording meaning and emotions connected with the theme of landscape undertaken by the author as well as the thoroughly analysed issue of the functioning of paintings series in the context of the exhibition space, translate into the process of  exploration a relationship between artwork and architecture. The exhibition of paintings and selection  of proper exhibition space affect an artwork’s reception. The exhibition’s design should exhaust the relationship between contemplation and dialogue in both the painting space and the broader architectural context. It can be stated that the mutual relationship of the artwork and the architectural space surrounding it affects the artwork’s meaning and aesthetics as well as the architecture’s perception.


painting exhibition; artwork; architecture; site specific; interaction

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Published : 2021-12-30

Stefańska, J. (2021). Painting in the exhibition space, interactions. Teka Komisji Architektury, Urbanistyki I Studiów Krajobrazowych, 17(4), 19-24.

Joanna Stefańska
Instytute of Interior Architecture and Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, Poznań University of Technology  Poland