Insulation historical buildings from the inside


This article focuses on the problem of thermal insulation of historical buildings. This issue is very important, especially for historical buildings and those not covered by any form of preservation maintenance. In the case of thermal insulation of this type of buildings, we often have to deal with irretrievable loss of architectural values and even with stripping the buildings from their history and identity and often turning them into architectural monstrosity. The article refers to both aesthetic, legal and technical issues, which should be kept in mind before planning thermal modernisation. It indicates the most common technical and system errors and points to certain changes that can minimise the problem of uncontrolled styrofoam covering of historical buildings.


Published : 2019-10-31

Janus, K. (2019). Insulation historical buildings from the inside. Teka Komisji Architektury, Urbanistyki I Studiów Krajobrazowych, 15(3), 18-27.

Krzysztof Janus
Department of Architecture, Urban and Spatial Planning, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Lublin University of Technology  Poland