The paper presents a proposal of a complete CAD Automation solution enabling customization of the production of medical screws to individual patient requirements. The proposed approach using OLE technology enables the introduction of customization at the CAD project stage. The assembly of the surgical screw in the PLM system is generated by means of a specially developed application. The application communicates with the SolidEdge system using an API, taking into account 10 different input parameters. Three different types of medical screws have been developed in the application: the Herbert Screw, Cancellous Screw, and Malleolar Screw with three different thread types: rectangular, isosceles, and trapezoidal. The screws designed in this way can be manufactured using 3D printing techniques or CNC machining, and can be used for both humans and animals.


CAD automation; customization; medical screw; 3D printing

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Published : 2021-09-30

Bednarczuk, P. (2021). CUSTOMIZATION BASED ON CAD AUTOMATION IN PRODUCTION OF MEDICAL SCREWS BY 3D PRINTING. Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary W Gospodarce I Ochronie Środowiska, 11(3), 18-21.

Piotr Bednarczuk
University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin, Institute of Computer Science  Poland