Aims and scope

Budownictwo i Architektura (first published in 2007) is an established peer reviewed journal containing articles on all aspects of civil engineering and architecture. This includes the topics such as:

  • structural engineering,
  • structural mechanics,
  • mechanics of composite materials,
  • road and bridges design, construction and maintenance,
  • geotechnics,
  • construction materials manufacturing methods,
  • construction economics  and management,
  • architecture and history of architecture,
  • city planning and history of city planning,
  • social and economic aspects of architecture,
  • sustainable development in architecture and construction,
  • maintenance and restoration of built heritage,
  • urban renewal,
  • real estate appraisal and management,
  • geomatics and land surveying.

The journal provides a platform for international publications covering universal research aspects as well as topics specific to Central and Eastern Europe, such as legal issues in civil engineering.

Peer Review Statement

All manuscript submissions are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor, and, if found suitable for further consideration, to double-blind peer review by at least two independent, anonymous expert reviewers. At least one of the experts has an abroad affiliation (not a Polish institution). The submissions can be made via the journal "Submission" site. The editorial manager software is based on Open Journal System 3.x.

The authors publish in Gold Open Access model under the licence of Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike (CC BY-SA 4.0 PL).