For reviewers

All texts published in Budownictwo i Architektura are peer-reviewed. The magazine uses double-blind peer review, i.e. the author and reviewers do not know their identity. Reviewers are appointed by the Editor.

Guidelines for Reviewers:

  • Reviewers are asked to respond to the request for review they have received within 7 days, regardless of whether they agree to review the article or for some reasons (insufficient qualifications, lack of time, conflict of interest) cannot undertake the review.
  • The review should not be a summary of the article. The review must include a justified decision regarding the publication of the article, the types of errors in the text, and recommendations for corrections. If the reviewer has made comments in the original manuscript, information about it should be included in the review.
  • Criteria for accepting and rejecting articles:
    • The title and the summary correspond with the subject of the article;
    • The conclusions correspond with the results presented in the article;
    • Use of correct and innovative research methods;
    • Use of the correct layout of the work, language, style, units of measurements and terminology;
    • Quality of attached figures and tables;
    • Correct citations and presentation of the current state of knowledge.
  • The review should not be longer than 350 words.
  • Submit your review by filling in and sending the attached document or entering data on the page under the link sent by the Editorial Board.
  • Reviewers are asked to send their reviews within 1 month from when they agreed to review the article, unless otherwise agreed with the Editor.
  • The reviewer may agree to reveal his or her identity to the Author when sending the review.
  • Reviewers should follow the guidelines included in "Publication ethics and malpractice statement".
  • In case of suspicion of research misconduct, unethical behaviour or plagiarism, the reviewer shall immediately notify the Editor.