The concept of light and color as a key element of experiencing ‘feeling architecture’


This article investigates the role of light in the perception of contemporary architecture. Light is an essential element that creates and reveals the beauty of architecture, emphasizes its aesthetic values, and allows us to feel the unlimited space "with one’s whole self". Since time immemorial, light in combination with colour has played an important role at the design stage and later in its reception. Nowadays, technological and civilization progress has contributed to the increase in the role of light and color, enabling their application already at the moment of design. Increasing expectations towards architects have led to an intensification of the phenomenon, which is increasingly expressed in projects filled with light and colour.


architecture; light in architecture; feeling of architecture

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Wywiad dla tygodnika "Polityka" Piotr Śmierzewski z HS99. [dostęp: 17.07.2016]. [dostęp: 16.09.2016].


Published : 2019-05-25

Chęć-Małyszek, A. (2019) “The concept of light and color as a key element of experiencing ‘feeling architecture’”, Budownictwo i Architektura, 18(1), pp. 011-021. doi: 10.24358/Bud-Arch_19_181_02.

Agnieszka Chęć-Małyszek
Department of Architecture, Urban and Spatial Planning; Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture; Lublin University of Technology  Poland

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