Increasing the energy efficiency of dwelling houses: case study of residential quarter in Upper Silesia, Poland


The paper assesses thermomodernisation measures aimed at improving energy efficiency of dwelling houses in a city quarter in Upper Silesia, Poland. The area was encompassed by the city council’s program of emission restriction that promoted energy saving activities. The assessment was carried out by means of thermographic examination. It confirmed the fact that the thermomodernisation measures taken so far provided considerable improvement, but did not solved all issues. Further works should be undertaken on the basis of thorough examination of the current condition of the buildings.


energy efficiency; residential buildings; insulation; thermography

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Published : 2019-06-06

Ostańska, A. (2019) “Increasing the energy efficiency of dwelling houses: case study of residential quarter in Upper Silesia, Poland”, Budownictwo i Architektura, 18(1), pp. 023-032. doi: 10.24358/Bud-Arch_19_181_03.

Anna Ostańska
Department of Architecture and Urban Planning; Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture; Lublin University of Technology   Poland

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