There are plenty of sublime devices, including input devices, for all kinds of specialists working with computers available on the market. Furthermore, the more specific solutions are needed, the more expensive and complicated they are. At the time when many people prefer to try as many things as possible before selecting the specific learning paths, both high price and high entry threshold, can appear as blockers.

In the paper, there are  selected some hardware and software solutions for facilitating the work of the professionals , who expect more analog-like interfaces and more natural ways to control computers presented. Additionally, the authors describe original software and hardware solution that allows the use of wide range MIDI devices as custom input devices. The concept of the software made is being presented, as well as some results of initial interaction of different kind of professionals and the proposed solution software and hardware.


MIDI; DjToKey; specialized input devices; personalized input devices; keyboard and mouse mapping; human-computer interaction

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Published : 2016-12-26

Badurowicz, M., & Skulimowski, S. (2016). GENERIC MIDI DEVICES AS NEW INPUT FOR SPECIALIZED SOFTWARE. Journal of Technology and Exploitation in Mechanical Engineering, 2(1), 45-52.

Marcin Badurowicz
Institute of Computer Science, Lublin University of Technology  Poland
Stanisław Skulimowski 
Institute of Computer Science, Lublin University of Technology  Poland

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