This paper discusses two ways of measuring the distance between the transmitter and the receiver using UWB technology, then identifies their advantages and disadvantages. The method of calculating the position is presented together with the method of predicting errors based on room geometry. The hardware configuration of the transmitter and receiver systems included in a location system based on UWB technology is explained. Bluetooth technology is discussed, which is used to connect the location system with the environmental monitoring system.


Bluetooth; Identity management systems; Indoor radio communication; Logistics; Navigation; Ultra-wideband technology

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Published : 2022-03-31

Gnaś, D., & Adamkiewicz, P. (2022). INDOOR LOCALIZATION SYSTEM USING UWB. Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary W Gospodarce I Ochronie Środowiska, 12(1), 15-19.

Dominik Gnaś
Netrix S.A. Research & Development Center, Lublin  Poland
Przemysław Adamkiewicz 
1Information Technology Research & Development Center, 2University of Economics and Innovation, Faculty of Transport and Information Technology  Poland