The article was aimed at improving the amplitude filtering process of the sampled image through the use of generalized Q-preparation. The existing correlation algorithms for image preprocessing were analyzed and their advantages and disadvantages were identified. The process of amplitude filtering and the main methods of preprocessing with such filtering were considered. A method of amplitude filtering of images based on the generalized Q-transformation with the use of sum-difference preprocessing of images has been developed. The efficiency of this method was analyzed, and a variant of the scheme for the corresponding preprocessing of images was proposed. The efficiency of the method was confirmed by computer simulation.


amplitude filtering; generalized Q-preparation; correlation algorithms

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Published : 2022-12-30

Timchenko, L., Kokriatskaia, N., Rozvodiuk, M., Tverdomed, V., Kutaev, Y., Smailova, S., Plisenko, V., Semenova, L., & Zhuk, D. (2022). THE USE OF Q-PREPARATION FOR AMPLITUDE FILTERING OF DISCRETED IMAGE. Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary W Gospodarce I Ochronie Środowiska, 12(4), 41-46.

Leonid Timchenko
State University of Infrastructure and Technology  Ukraine
Natalia Kokriatskaia 
State University of Infrastructure and Technology  Ukraine
Mykhailo Rozvodiuk 
Vinnytsia National Technical University  Ukraine
Volodymyr Tverdomed 
State University of Infrastructure and Technology  Ukraine
Yuri Kutaev 
State University of Infrastructure and Technology  Ukraine
Saule Smailova 
D.Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University  Kazakhstan
Vladyslav Plisenko 
State University of Infrastructure and Technology  Ukraine
Liudmyla Semenova 
State University of Infrastructure and Technology  Ukraine
Dmytro Zhuk 
State University of Infrastructure and Technology  Ukraine