This article presents the ultrasonic structure for the analysis of technological processes in the field of reflective and transmission waves. Ultrasound tomography enables the analysis of processes occurring in the examined object without interfering with its interior through appropriate acquisition and analysis of data. The design goal is to verify the repeatability of measurement results by eliminating laboratory equipment. The ultrasonic tomograph has been designed in a modular way and consists of a motherboard connected to an analog signal conditioning board, a liquid crystal display with an integrated graphics processor and a high voltage pulser with a 64 channel multiplexer. The solution was designed for tomographic measurements of technological process properties.


ultrasound tomography; sensors; measurements

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Published : 2019-12-15

Rymarczyk, T., Gołąbek, M., Lesiak, P., Marciniak, A., & Guzik, M. (2019). CONSTRUCTION OF AN ULTRASONIC TOMOGRAPH FOR ANALYSIS OF TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSES IN THE FIELD OF REFLECTION AND TRANSMISSION WAVES. Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary W Gospodarce I Ochronie Środowiska, 9(4), 43-47.

Tomasz Rymarczyk
1. Research & Development Centre Netrix SA; 2. University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin  Poland
Michał Gołąbek 
Research & Development Centre Netrix SA  Poland
Piotr Lesiak 
University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin  Poland
Andrzej Marciniak 
University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin  Poland
Mirosław Guzik 
University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin  Poland